If you compete in Horse Trials and need to train your horses over cross country jumps, then you are probably frustrated at the lack of training facilities and being restricted to logs in your paddock.

We at 'Gold Fields' have felt the same and have decided to do something about it. We are building portable jumps which are versatile and affordable to help you and your horse gain more confidence and hence have more success at competitions.

'Gold Fields' hosted the 2009 Pony Club State Horse Trials Championships and has constructed both Grade One and Grade Two courses which have been designed and built by Ewan Kellett. We are currently building Grade Three, Four and Five tracks and aim to hold three events a year - a Pony Club event, a HRCAV event and an EA event. This course will be open for training at other times of the year.

Our portable jumps are also available for hire if you need to move them to your grounds for an event or you can order your own.

Please ring Vanessa on 0417 363 710

or email us - goldfields1@gmail.com