Skinny XC jumps

Skinny (narrow) jumps are becoming more common as competitions become more technical. They require accurate riding which takes practice and for the horse to have confidence as well as understand what is required of them, therefore training is essential. 

Skinny fences must be secured front and back. For large fences it is possible to use 2 x 5” (13 cm) anchors on the back on each side and 3 x 5” anchors on the back on each side for the skinny/small base spread fences instead of the normal 12” (30 cm) or 14”(35cm) ground anchors that we would use on grass.. Brackets that have proved successful are: - 1/4” (63mm) steel, 3 1/2”(9cms) wide - Height of the back of the bracket - 10”/25cms - Length of the bottom of the bracket: 14”/35cms for 2 ground anchors. 22”/55cms for 3 ground anchors. Spirafix anchors can be purchased from:

For more information, please read the FEI Cross Country Guidelines for Officials HERE.

We build all sizes and recommend half skinnies which usually measure between a full length jump of 2.4m and a skinny of 1.2m to assist in the training process. Just about any type of jump can be made into a skinny but here are some examples:
Skinny log roll with training wings

Skinny mushroom
Skinny angled brush

Skinny sharks teeth
Sharks tooth (half skinny)